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At Paws in Style Pet Grooming Studio, we only use quality shampoos, conditioners and colognes that only contain natural ingredients and scents. In the market, there are tons of pet shampoo brands with varying prices and quality.

When we chose products for our salon, we put significances in 3 things:

  1. No artificial fragrance – It can be an irritant to our canine and feline customers. so we chose products only including natural scents. The scent is not as strong as artificial fragrance but it is very long lasting and soothing. Some of our customers did not like when we first made a switch to the current natural products because the scent was not as strong as artificial ones. But now they ask me where they can get the same products!
  2. Quality ingredients – When shampoos, conditioners or colognes are applied on our pet’s coat and skin, some of the ingredients in the products are absorbed into the blood stream. Depend on what ingredients are used in the products, it can have long-term negative or positive effects on our pets. Even without any further discussion or research in this, we do not want to risk putting any health risk on our customers by using random shampoos, conditioners and colognes when we have a high quality and natural products available in NZ market (even though the price is very high).
  3. Effect on coat and skin – Some natural products can be better for health but only improves coat   and skin condition to the minimal extent. That’s not what we want in Paws in Style Pet Grooming Studio. We want products not only to be natural but also with deep cleansing and nourishing effects. With trials on a lot of products in the market, we managed to find products that we’re 100% satisfied and proud to use on our canine and feline customers!

So, the brand we use is Smith & burton. They have 5 ranges – hydrating, nourishing, soothing, dermal relief and puppy. Remember we do a thorough skin and coat consult when our customers come in? Based on the consultation, we choose which range to use. So depends on the skin and coat condition, the same dog can be bathed in the same range or different range each time they come in for a groom. Sometimes, we mix the range with other functional products (i.e. whitening or deshedding) when required.

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